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About Damray

Damray is the academic publishing division of the Open Access Journal Research Center. The institution's headquarter is in the UK and its research covers a wide range of fields, including natural science and humanities publishing, and also big data research. Its open access journal integration platform will focus on hosting and displaying open access journals, strengthening the academic communication function of scientific journals, promoting the transformation of scientific research results [...] Read more.

Our team members and consultants are talent from well-known universities like Cambridge University, University College London, Bath University, University of California, Peking University, Central South University, etc. Headquartered in London, Damray is a global business, with branches in China and the US. We are equipped with the best minds in science and technology, aiming to establish leading-edge platforms and promote the most advanced knowledge sharing platforms worldwide.

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  • Open Access, Article

    Microreactors: Emerging Alternative for Conventional Reactor Designs

    Shanghui Sun, Yahui Zhou


    Microreactors are reactors with continuous flow of reactants in micro channels of few hundred microns in diameter. They have large surface-to-volume ratios, which facilitates efficient heat and mass transfer rates. They have a huge scope in fine chemical industries, pharmaceutical industry due to high yield and selectivity when compared to convectional reactors. Chemists are also benefit with this technology in studying the reaction kinetics of organic compounds due to better span of control ..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Chemistry and Materials 2022;1(1):22-34;


    Published on 27 September,2022

  • Open Access, Article

    Study on Preparation of Poly (Lactic-Co-Glycolic Acid) and Methods to Relieve Acid Accumulation in PLGA Degradation Process

    Shanghui Sun, Yahui Zhou


    In recent years, Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid), PLGA, one of the biodegradable polyesters with favorable biocompatibility and biodegradability, has found a wide range of applications in the drug delivery system, tissue engineering scaffold, medical devices, and so forth. However, acid degradation products of PLGA, may accumulate around the tissue to give rise to the well-known aseptic inflammation phenomenon. In this study, the basic amino acid Lysine was introduced into the PLGA to alleviat..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Chemistry and Materials 2022;1(1):16-21;

    Published on 27 September,2022

  • Open Access, Article

    Heidegger's Philosophical Thinking on the Nature of Modern Science and Technology

    Guilin Tang


    Starting from the basis of metaphysics, Heidegger revealed the instrumental characteristics of modern science and technology as human behavior, and emphasized that the world established by this philosophy of subjectivity is only the world of human beings, and the object is only the appearance of human cognition. Essentially human behavior, human culture. Heidegger also starts from the philosophy of existence and reveals that although modern technology is a way of "uncovering", it brings peopl..[...] Read more.

    OAJRC Social Science 2022;3(2):214-217;


    Published on 27 September,2022

  • Open Access, Article

    The Symbol of Death in The Dead of James Joyce

    Yanpei Ouyang


    The Dead is the last article in Dubliners, and the structure of Dubliner reflects the shadow of paralysis, which covers all stages of life in Ireland, severely destroying the hearts of all ages. The Dead described a simple story that Gabriel, a sensitive, humorous, educated senior intellectual, and his wife attended a party at his aunts’ house. His spirit was hit twice by Lily and Ivors at the party. And his mental was hit for the third time when he wanted to have..[...] Read more.

    OAJRC Social Science 2022;3(2):210-213;


    Published on 27 September,2022

  • Open Access, Article

    Evaluation of the Effect of Red Cultural Resources in Educating People in Colleges and Universities

    Teng Wang


    The evaluation of educating people with red cultural resources is an objective evaluation activity carried out by colleges and universities for educating people in order to measure the value realization degree of educating people's practice applied to the object. The development of the evaluation work can not only reflect the value recognition of red cultural resources education in colleges and universities, but also highlight the achievements and existing problems of education practice, and ..[...] Read more.

    OAJRC Social Science 2022;3(2):205-209;


    Published on 27 September,2022

  • Open Access, Article

    Study on the Importance of Higher Education Curriculum and Teaching Practice

    Ruili Cui


    At present, the society is constantly progressing, the education is continuously deepening the reform, the higher education curriculum is an important part of the university training of talents, but also an important part of the teaching implementation plan. In order to improve the quality of the classroom, teachers should not only improve the traditional teaching methods, but also further increase the importance of higher education curriculum and teaching practice, so as to form a certain co..[...] Read more.

    OAJRC Social Science 2022;3(2):202-204;


    Published on 27 September,2022

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