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Application of Environmental Optics in College Physics Experiment Teaching

Yu Chen

Soochow University, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

*Corresponding author: Yu Chen

Published: 7 November 2023 How to cite this paper


Environmental optics is an emerging branch of optics that focuses on the study of light interactions with natural and artificial materials in the environment, and its applications in environmental monitoring, protection, and remediation. As a result of the continuous increase in environmental problems, the importance of environmental optics has become increasingly apparent. This paper will explore the application of environmental optics in physics experiment teaching in order to improve students' understanding of environmental issues and develop their practical abilities.

KEYWORDS: Environmental optics, College physics experiment, Application


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How to cite this paper

Yu Chen. Application of Environmental Optics in College Physics Experiment Teaching. OAJRC Applied Physics, 2023, 5(1), 13-18.

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