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OAJRC Computer and Communications. 2019;1(1)


Computer communication network security protection strategy

Hai He, S. Bopp

University of Massachusetts, USA.

Published: 29 January 2019


By discussing the content of computer communication network security protection strategy, this paper can clearly and intuitively understand that with the rapid development of economy, China's computer communication network has gradually realized full-range sharing, which can achieve the most computer communication through the network. Efficient and convenient transportation channels, great convenient information transmission process, with the continuous development of network and information, the vast majority of resources on the network are transformed into shared resources, which facilitates people to accept information. There have also been a series of network security risks. For communication network security, it is necessary to protect various information in the computer from other dangerous channels and types to ensure the security and integrity of computer communication network information. Based on this, this paper focuses on thinking and exploring the security protection strategy of computer communication network, and puts forward some suggestions.

Keywords: computer network security; strategy protection

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