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About Damray

Damray is the academic publishing division of the Open Access Journal Research Center. The institution's headquarter is in the UK and its research covers a wide range of fields, including natural science and humanities publishing, and also big data research. Its open access journal integration platform will focus on hosting and displaying open access journals, strengthening the academic communication function of scientific journals, promoting the transformation of scientific research results [...] Read more.

Our team members and consultants are talent from well-known universities like Cambridge University, University College London, Bath University, University of California, Peking University, Central South University, etc. Headquartered in London, Damray is a global business, with branches in China and the US. We are equipped with the best minds in science and technology, aiming to establish leading-edge platforms and promote the most advanced knowledge sharing platforms worldwide.

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  • Open Access, Article

    Proposal Programs of Development Integral for the Republic De Haiti

    Jorge Cosme Casulo

    Abstract:Haiti is a country that comes ballasting for a lot of time, serious social problems that together to the different natural disasters to those that has been subjected, has accumulated an extremely negative square of the state of the population's health(1) Soon after the earthquake of January of the 2010 and the beginning of the epidemic of cholera in November of that same year, this situation was increased and now more with the COVID-19. So much the UN, as Regional Organisms, some countries, Foun..[...] Read more.

    OAJRC Social Science 2020;2(1):1-5;


    Published on 5/22/2020

  • Open Access, Article

    Evaluation of heat tolerance potential in Capsicum annum L. genotypes under heat stress

    Mujahid Ali, Muhammad Imran Lodhi, Choudhary Muhammad Ayyub, Zahoor Hussain, Zaid Mustafa, Tehseen Ashraf, Bilal Akram, Saqib Ayyub

    Abstract:Summer vegetables are severely affected by high temperature above threshold level which ultimately results in serious losses of their production. To cope with these economic losses different strategies had been adopted. The present study was designed to screen out heat tolerant genotypes of bell pepper. For this purpose, experiment was conducted in plant growth room in Institute of Horticultural Sciences, University of Agriculture Faisalabad. Ten genotypes of bell pepper (C1G3, C3G5, C7G4, V6G4,..[...] Read more.

    Advance in Biological Research 2020;2(1):16-22;

    Published on 5/22/2020

  • Open Access, Article

    Deposition of copper in cattle and buffaloes edible tissues slaughtered in Assiut city, Egypt

    Youssef, T.H., Hefnawy, Y.A., Hassan, H.A.

    Abstract:A total of 168 samples of livers, kidneys and muscles (part of the diaphragm) were screened. The samples were subjected to preparation and for measurement the level of copper (Cu) by using Atomic Absorption/Flaming Emission Spectrophotometer. Buffaloes organs showed variations in their copper content. As for liver, the mean copper concentrations were 11.52 ± 5.41 with a range varied from 2.34 to 21.88 μg/g wet weight. Whereas in buffalo kidneys copper level varied from 2.34 to 15.13 with a mea..[...] Read more.

    Advance in Biological Research 2020;1(1):11-15;

    Published on 4/23/2020

  • Open Access, Article

    The Integral Strategy of Health: A Necessary Focus

    Jorge Cosme Casulo

    Abstract:In the universal covering of health he/she stands out the importance of the financing in the systems of health and of the population's resources to consent to the sanitary services, where they also influence other aspects, as the lack of political will, of knowledge, organization and preparation of the authorities and the directive of the different sectors and levels, to achieve an attention that belongs together with the social determinant of the health. Although they are defined the exogenou..[...] Read more.

    International Journal of Medical Frontiers 2020;4(1):1-5;

    DOI: 10.26855/ijmf.20200001

    Published on 4/15/2020

  • Open Access, Article

    Species Composition and Biomass Production in Two Communal Coastal Rangelands of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

    Matshawule, S.

    Abstract:This study investigated species composition and biomass production of herbaceous plants in two communal rangelands surrounding homesteads areas. In each study area, the rangelands were divided based on the distance from homesteads into near (up to 1 km), middle (> 1–2 km) and far (> 2–3 km) sites. On each site a HVU of 50 m x 20 m was used and six 0.25 m2 quadrants were laid randomly on each HVU. Herbaceous species found within a quadrant were identified, counted and their height and tuft were..[...] Read more.

    Advance in Biological Research 2020;1(1):1-10;

    Published on 4/14/2020

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